Agency WordPress hosting built for serious traffic

Auto-scaling infrastructure ensures that your sites are ready to handle everything you can throw at them

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Perfect for WaaS, ecommerce & LMS

High-performance CPUs and auto-scaling nodes are designed for dynamic, mission-critical WordPress projects

Reduce infrastructure over-spend

Pay-as-you-use pricing is based on real resource consumption instead of inflexible resource limits

Hosting & control panel included

An all-in-one platform provides hosting and infrastructure management control panel in the same solution

MightyBox is a new breed of WordPress infrastructure

One where you stop thinking in terms of VMs, CPU cores, and disk space and start thinking in terms of actual resource utilization.

Where your infrastructure provider helps you diagnose and resolve issues instead of pointing the finger at WordPress.

Where you stop worrying about what happens when your sites scale and start thinking about how you’ll celebrate those wins with your clients.

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Engineered for SPEED

3GHz+ CPUs

High-clock-speed CPUs deliver maximum PHP performance


Blazing-fast local storage makes quick work of database-intensive operations



SSH & SFTP access

Built-in log explorer

Git-based deployments

New Relic integration

Unlimited staging

Team collaboration

Daily backups included

DDoS mitigation