Scalable, fault-tolerant WordPress hosting

Powerful servers combined with sophisticated architecture ensure amazing WP experiences


High-frequency CPU

3GHz+ CPUs deliver maximum PHP performance for complex workloads

Local NVMe SSDs

Robust, enterprise-class NVMe SSD storage ensures blazing fast access to your files and databases

‚ÄčAutomatic vertical & horizontal scaling

Server resources dynamically adjust to changing traffic conditions to ensure optimal site speed and availability

Redundant storage

RAID mirroring ensures data integrity on every server in our network


2 Factor Authentication

Prevent unauthorized access to your account

Malware scanning

System files are scanned as they’re created to ensure immediate detection of vulnerabilities

Web application firewall

Incoming requests are filtered against firewall rules and a real-time database of known threats

DDoS Detection & Mitigation

Server and application-level DDoS mitigation vaccums up nefarious traffic

Isolated container infrastructure

Every node in your environment is isolated from other nodes and other user accounts

Private networking between nodes

Load balancers securely distribute traffic to application servers, databases, and file servers


Share access

Easily invite coworkers, contractors, and other trusted parties to access any or all of your environments

Unlimited staging environments

Clone existing environments as many times as necessay for on-demand staging or dev sites

Automatically stop dev servers when not in use

Save money during development by automatically sleeping inactive environments

Root server access

Root access can be enabled on any container to allow you to customize your environment to your precise needs

Control panel

Environment organization

Add labels to categorize and filter environments for easy management of hundreds of sites

Granular environment configuration

Tweak server configs, permissions, scaling rules and billing tolerances on a per-environment basis

Easy configuration without downtime

Environment changes that necessitate a restart can be deployed sequentially across nodes to prevent downtime


Automate provisioning, configuration, or billing via a full-featured REST API

Cost estimates

See the financial impact of every server configuration before you apply it to your environments

Deployment manager

Deploy sites by uploading zip archives or via integrated git repositories

Web-based SSH

Access the command line for any node in your project through the web-based terminal (key-based SSH access from external connections is also supported)

WP CLI installed

Streamline and automate WP administration via baked-in support for WPCLI

File manager

An intuitive web-based file manager allows quick access to your environment’s filesystem


Task activity

Insights into what actions are being performed across your environments as you configure, resize, restart, etc

Proactive ‚ÄčAlerts

Configure email alerts to be notified when certain resource thresholds are met

Log Viewer

View, search, tail, and download log files from an intuitive point-and-click interface

Server metrics

Watch your containers’ CPU, memory, disk, and network usage with visual charts and graphs

Billing reports

Generate granular reports to show how resource utilization impacts billing for your environments

New Relic

Wizard-style configuration of New Relic makes quick work of integrating servers into your NR account