Control costs and protect profits with flexible pricing

Pay-per-use billing eliminates infrastructure overspend

Dynamic pricing based on resource consumption

Resource allocation and usage on MightyBox is defined in terms of cloudlets - a small slice of server infrastructure consisting of 128MB RAM and 400MhZ CPU power.

Reserved cloudlets are always available to your environment, while scalable dynamic cloudlets will spawn on-demand only when a site exceeds its current capacity.

You're only billed for your actual cloudlet usage, so this flexible pricing structure ensures that you're never paying for resources that aren't being used to deliver your site.
WordPress scalable hosting cloudlet consumption
Reserved vs dynamic cloudlets

Configure environment billing with point-and-click ease

Discounted reserved cloudlets should be configured to meet your average usage needs. Scalable dynamic cloudlets will spawn when a site exceeds its reserved resource and die off after they're no longer needed.

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