Conquer your most demanding WordPress projects with MightyBox

Build sites with confidence on scalable WordPress hosting that slices through power-hungry workloads


From Black Friday blowouts to an appearance on SharkTank, your WooCommerce stores will run smoothly no matter the visitor load with the power of scalable infrastructure supporting them.


BuddyBoss places huge demands on your hosting solution, and an influx of visitors can easily take a site down. With vertical and horizontal scaling, you’ll never be caught unprepared during a spike in member activity.

LearnDash & LMS

LMS workloads are notoriously hard to performance optimize. With MightyBox’s clustered environments, there’s no need to worry about maxing out server resources.

WaaS Networks

Scaling is the number one concern of most WaaS network creators. With a WaaS built on MightyBox, scalable hosting (with automatic SSL) is baked-in from day one and you never have to worry about what will happen as your network grows.


Multitenancy is often cumbersome to set up and difficult to scale beyond a single server node. With MightyBox, scaling your multitenant WP infrastructure happens effortlessly. Coming soon